The lush jungles of Thailand are home to the pure sativa landrace known as Thai. This strain has a well-known pungent flavor and a strong cerebral high thanks to its potency acquired through many years of isolated breeding. Thai, which is also known as Thai stick because it is traditionally prepared by wrapping leaves around the plant's spindly branches, is thought to have been imported to the United States from Southeast Asia after the Vietnam War. THC concentrations can range from 0% to 22%. Thai has been utilized to create well-known hybrids such the AK-47 and Haze. Thai is challenging to grow outdoors in more temperate climates because it is indigenous to a tropical environment. Due to the fact that mature plants can grow to approximately 15 feet tall, indoor growing can also be difficult. Large-scale indoor greenhouse systems have been successful for commercial farmers. Thai takes a very long time to flower; buds are ready for harvest in December for outdoor cultivation and after four and a half months for indoor cultivation. Thai is a valuable strain for industrial growth and crossbreeding due to its potent Sativa effects and enticing flavor profile.

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