Pineapple Express

Believe it or not, the phrase "Pineapple Express" has meteorological roots. It suggests powerful moisture currents off of Hawaii that travel across the Pacific to the coast of North America. It should sufficient to remark that water vapor is a significant issue in the mid-latitudes of the earth. The phrase is now more closely linked to the 2008 stoner comedy of the same name, starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. But the strain, which I suppose received its name from... Hawaiian water mist, gave the movie its name. The Pineapple Express strain can produce a variety of body-numbing side effects in addition to a future etymologist's splitting headache for your tired midday work hours. The energy rush from Pineapple Express encourages creativity and attention to detail. Hawaiian and Trainwreck, the animal's parents, gave it this trait. However, this normally happens only at high doses. Some users have even described experiencing so much mental activity that they begin to feel a little lightheaded. For growers, Pineapple Express develops into hefty, popcorn-like nugs. In slightly over 7 weeks, it blooms. Experienced growers advise "supercropping" the strain to boost its potency. If you didn't know, this entails periodically topping the plants, setting up lights that are at least 600W, and adopting bush-style growing methods. When finished, the plant is compact, light green with a little purple hue.

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