Lamb's Bread

The one and only Bob Marley himself was a fan of the upbeat, alert strain known as Lamb's Bread. It is continuously debated how Jamaica's most well-known variety came to be known by that name and who was the first to create the strain. No matter what you call it, it is undeniably high in THC and CBD, with over 1% of the latter and between 16% and 21% of the former. This strain is also more often known as Lamb's Breath. You only need to wait for 8 weeks, or until the beginning of October, to fill a bowl with this delectable bud. You may anticipate moderate growth whether you cultivate indoors or outdoors, making it ideal for intermediate gardeners. For either case, the yields are slightly above average, but they will perform better with soil and training. The plants are short and compact, making them perfect for someone looking for an indoor plant.

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