Grape Ape

Strong indica roots give Grape Ape its flavorful, enduring reputation. Not to mention its exceptionally strong body high, it is a favorite due to its unusual appearance and nuanced fruity flavor. Mendocino Purps, a celebrated Northern California crossbreed, the prominent standard strain Skunk #1, and a storied Afghani landrace all contributed to the creation of Grape Ape. These subtleties were combined to create a dramatic and eye-catching variant. Apothecary Genetics in Washington State and Barney's Farm, the seed bank behind other flavor-focused strains like LSD and Pineapple Chunk, both offer seeds for several types of grape ape. Analytical 360, a testing facility, found that Grape Ape samples had a THC content of 15% to 25%. It could be tough for beginners to grow Grape Ape plants. The strain is typically resistant to harmful bugs and diseases when grown outdoors. Given its indica morphology, which features bushy plants with powerful lateral branches spreading from the primary stem, it may also be cultivated successfully inside. Rarely do Grape Ape plants grow taller than 4 feet. Topping is a technique that growers may want to practice in order to allow light to reach lower branches by removing large fan leaves at the top of the plant. When cultivated indoors, Grape Ape flowers in 7 to 8 weeks and yields a good amount of medium to large flowers; farmers can anticipate as much as 74 grams, or roughly 2.5 oz, of flower per square foot. The progressive and potent high of Grape Ape can be disorienting, even to seasoned smokers, much as how it can be challenging for beginner growers to cultivate. Grape Ape, which is quite well-liked on the West Coast, is a great strain for consumers who want to feel pleasantly knocked out or overpowered. The finest time to experience Grape Ape's special capacity to make smokers blend in with their surroundings is at night, whether you're alone after a long day at work or around close friends.

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