Granddaddy Purple

One of the most well-liked indica strains on the west coast and possibly the most well-known "purple" cannabis strain in the US is Granddaddy Purple (also known as Grand Daddy Purps). Purple Urkle and Big Bud were bred together in 2003 by San Francisco Bay Area cannabis grower Ken Estes and his colleagues in an effort to produce the best indica hybrid. Granddaddy Purple, the offspring of these two, is an exact replica of its parents' two best characteristics: the dense, enlarged buds of Big Bud and the deep, dark purple color of Purple Urkle. It is a very beautiful strain since the dark purple buds combine well with the vivid orange hairs and frosted white trichomes that liberally cover the bud. Granddaddy Purple is one of the most sought-after indica strains from San Francisco to Los Angeles because of its Hollywood appearance and traditional indica characteristics. Despite its popularity, many cultivators and those involved in the cannabis industry contend that Grand Daddy Purps is nearly identical to Grape Ape, another well-known purple strain. Although it may be grown outside as well, Granddaddy Purple grows best indoors. When cultivated inside, flowering typically starts approximately 70–77 days later, and gardeners can anticipate harvest in early October when planted outdoors. Large buds could start to weigh the plant down, especially if it's being cultivated outdoors. The plant should be short and stocky enough to sustain the weight when grown indoors, but if you detect the plant's structure weakening around the 60-day mark, you may want to be ready to provide some support. On an indoor grow, yields can exceed 4 ounces per plant, and on an outdoor grow, yields can reach well over 3 pounds per plant. Throughout the grow cycle, keep temperatures in the 70s and humidity between 50 and 55 percent for best results.

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