G13 Haze

According to legend, this strain was created in the 1960s by the CIA, FBI, and another top-secret organization from a variety of other extremely potent strains. A super secret sub-group of this combination finally created a Frankenstein's Monster in 1970 at the University of Mississippi after years of trial and error, only for a cunning technician who shall remain nameless to grab a sample and start reproducing it for the general public. Even though it is obviously exceedingly unlikely that any of this is true, what a great story, huh? This extremely potent strain is also known as "Government Indica Strain 1," which just adds to the rumors and makes it more exciting to discover the secret of its enigmatic origins. This is a fantastic strain to try out if you enjoy a ridiculous backstory but much more so a potent, lingering high. G13 was created to be the "ideal strain," and it's pretty darn close. A long-lasting high that will knock you off your feet can be obtained with wonderful flavors, great effects, and little effort on the smoker's part. Despite the fact that it was developed in such secrecy and mystery, gardeners are in luck since it is much easier to grow than it is to figure out where it came from. The outdoor timings stretch through mid-November, while the interior flowering period lasts approximately 11 weeks. The yield is somewhat over average, and maintaining this puppy's health and well-being demands some knowledge. However, if you have a slight green thumb, this plant should be relatively easy to care for.

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