Popular, flavor-forward indica hybrid Blueberry has a solid genetic foundation. It is a three-way cross between sativa Thai and Purple Thai variation parents and an indica Afghani parent. A enigmatic but prolific breeder known as the "Willy Wonka of cannabis," DJ Short is credited with creating Blueberry in the 1970s or 1980s. A longtime favorite, blueberry is defined by its distinctive fresh blueberry flavor and aroma. The blueberry is well-liked everywhere. In the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, it took home top honors for Best Indica and Best Strain Overall. The THC concentration of blueberries ranges from 15% to 24%. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation of blueberry is possible, although outdoor cultivation necessitates a number of specific circumstances, including continuous daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and moderate humidity. Due to their short, bushy growth, which seldom exceeds 3.5 feet in height, and vigorous lateral branching, plants are well suited for indoor culture. Additionally, they have a very advantageous leaf-to-bud ratio, requiring little to no trimming of the broad fan leaves. Growers should intentionally "shock" the plant by adding cold conditions late in the vegetative stage, just before flowering, in order to bring out the vivid lavender to crimson highlights in Blueberry's leaves. When grown indoors, plants flower in 8 to 10 weeks and are ready for harvest in mid-October. Blueberry plants have a moderate to high yield when fully grown, producing 1.5 ounces of blossom per square foot of plant. Blueberry is a terrific option for people wishing to relax alone or with a small group of close friends at night because it is ideal for calm nocturnal consumption. Standout flavors complement its blend of reviving physical relaxation and a hazy head high.

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