Blueberry Seagal

If you live in or are visiting Canada, you might have seen a strain called Blueberry Seagal on the shelves of most dispensaries. Locals brag about its blueberry muffin flavor and the immaculately maintained buds, leaving a long-lasting memory. This popular, delicious strain was developed by the skilled growers at Color Cannabis. Some aficionados are betting that one parent of the "unknown hybrids" bears ancestry to DJ Short Blueberry, despite the fact that the genetic cross is still a mystery. For the customer who prefers a hybrid high that is relaxed yet effective and leans somewhat indica, Blueberry Seagal is the ideal choice. After harvesting and curing, the THC content can range from 13-22%. Its cannabis makeup frequently includes around 2% CBD, which results in the mellow high and lessens paranoia.

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