Afghani is a genuine "landrace" variety that is indigenous to the highlands of Afghanistan. It is an indica-only breed valued for its strength and robust genetics. This vintage type was probably introduced to the west before Afghanistan outlawed cannabis farming in 1973 as a result of pressure from the Nixon government. It was balanced and perfected over millennia by both natural selection and human culture. Popular young strains like Northern Lights and Blueberry, both Cannabis Cup winners, were bred using Afghani. This fundamental strain, often known as Afghani #1, can be difficult to find in the competitive market for new crossbred strains. The THC content is high (15–20%), whereas the CBD content is low (0.6%). Afghani has short, bushy stalks that grow between 2 and 4 feet tall, making it easy to grow indoors. Plants are capable of producing a high yield quickly; flowering usually starts around week 8 and a full harvest is usually ready within four months. The strain may be grown outdoors at comparable latitudes even though it is native to a hilly region in Central Asia. As the plants develop, keep an eye out for dense, conical colas. Afghani is a classic for a reason; it has long been used to make hash due to its high resin production. However, you don't require a processed concentrate to enjoy the effects. Enjoy Afghani for its pleasant calming effects and take pride in its history as one of the key strains in the development of contemporary cannabis culture.

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